wtorek, 5 lipca 2016

Get more traffic and earn

So, i recently started using Plugz.co on some of my websites and i'm very impressed with the results. It's much better than adsense, bacause you additionally recieve traffic! The way the ad network works is by placing related ads (widget)  on your website and in exchange you supply them with plugs to your website. These ads placed on your sidebar for example looks like related posts (you can fully customize your widget). Here is example:

 I’ve only been using it for a week and at first I wasn’t getting much traffic at all but once it was on for a couple of days my traffic has picked up and my other ads on my sites are preforming better too. In one weeks time, I have sent out 1322 visitors to similar sites to mine and I have received back 2283 visitors. 


That’s a 172.69% return on traffic! On top of that my sites have made $1.02 just on the Plugz network. I know that isn’t alot of money, but I’m not using them to make money. I’m just using the network to boost traffic for free! With the wordpress plugin they have in the wordpress plugins section , it’s super easy to start using. 

In fact, you can bet there’s a reason why mainstream media (CNN’s website, The New York Times, etc.) has utilized similar widgets on their respective websites. And you know why? Because these widgets work. When your ads are what people want to see most, they work the best. When your ad is something visitors actually want to see, it almost doesn’t feel like an ad to them.

This plugin works with blogs in any niche. So SIGN UP here, add your website in the dashboard:

Then download PLUGZ plugin and install it on your wordpress blog. If you have non wordpress site, don't worry, you can use html code to install widget. Now go back to pluz.co

NOTE: Remember to create plugs (your ads) to display on other websites. Just choose "Plugs" from left sidebar menu:

Click widget, add picture for thumbnail, write an interesting title, add your keywords and save. Remember to change this option in order to earn from your traffic:

 Now you have your first ad. You can add more and test which picture gets more clicks. Good luck.

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