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Reduce your bounce rate, rank higher in google

Zero Bounce is a simple but very clever little WP plugin designed to help you reduce or even eliminate bounce rate in Google Analytics. What is bounce rate? When people find your site in google, they visit it, don't find any interesting things and immediately click back button to google's search results to continue searching. This is high bounce rate. In google's eyes your blog is low quality and your rank will be low.

Is Reducing Bounce Rate Important?
Yes absolutely, for SEO purposes for sure, it is said that the higher your bounce rate the further down the search results your posts and pages will end up, so having reasonably low bounce rate is important for improving your rankings naturally, but asides the search engine factor, wouldn’t it be great to give your new visitors an opportunity to take something away from your website, I mean having them leave empty handed is a potential loss right? Well you can with this amazing little plugin in force.
I suppose you could argue that if someone clearly wasn’t interested in your website or your content, and they bounced off, then surely you shouldn’t force them to stay right?
I completely agree, however there is still the opportunity to let them go away from your website with something valuable, and I’ll explain how you can do that using this plugin later on in the post.

How does the Zero Bounce plugin work?
OK once you have the 0 Bounce plugin installed and have added your license key, imagine someone visits your blog from maybe doing a search in Google, and they land on one of your posts or your pages.
Now usually, if they decide to click the ‘back button’ for any reason, maybe because the page didn’t contain the information they needed, instead of them bouncing back to the search results they came from, you can decide which page they land on instead, in other words you can redirect them to a specific page.
This could be an external page or even a website such as Amazon with your Amazon affiliate link. This could also be your Facebook business page, or another page within your website which you feel might be useful for your uninterested visitors, such as an e-mail landing page or a customised page created just for your bounced visitors. You can also redirect by geo location, again this could be very useful if you wanted to create custom pages, sign-up forms or offers on your site targeted at those geolocated visitors.

Zero Bounce plugin usage examples:
  • Get search engine rankings boost by lowering your overall bounce rate.
  • Redirect lost traffic to special coupon pages or discount
  • Use ZeroBounce to help you increase email opt-in conversions.
  • Redirect visitors to products and services you promote as an affiliate to increase earnings, redirect from your individual review posts, redirect them to your own product pages.
  • Redirect visitors to your ‘AdSense for Search’ page and boost your AdSense for Search earnings.
  • Create custom pages with offers, videos specially for your bounced traffic or visitors and redirect them there, plus much more, I’m sure you can think of a few ideas to use this plugin.
[Method] Earn money with ebay/amazon affiliate program
You can use this plugin to earn extra cash from ebay/amazon affiliate program. Their affiliate cookie duration is 24 hours. Set your affiliate url in 0 bounce plugin. When visitors click back button they will be redirected to your affiiate link. Cookie is dropped on their machines. If your website is about games you can redirect them to amazon games for example.
Now when their buy something on amazon in next 24h you will earn commision. Milions of people worldwide use amazon/ebay everyday, especially before christmas, valentine's day, black friday and other special days.
Don't waste bounce traffic from your blog and make additional money.

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